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Willow Witches

Everything changes when the sun comes out

The warmth, the energy, the birds, the smiles

From way, way up the day begins and I can see for miles.

Then the music starts as the chairs are arranged

The wind blows a few balloons

I like this part, the start of it all,

The early afternoons.

‘Will she come and play?’ I ask

But no one seems to hear

I ask again and the wild woman turns with ‘Well, she’s never missed a year!’

This brings me instant joy, it always has

It’s something I’ve always known,

When the willow witch visits everything is better – our work, our love our home.

I’ve never known what it was that she brings

But we all just seem to join

Like a scrambled puzzle on the floor, put together,

Or a tower of once loose coins.

The willow witch has another name, one that doesn’t sound so strange,

It’s mother, mum, aunty or nan

Either one within the range –

The womanhood, that raise our children and keep our families strong,

Sure the men are there too,

But it’s the willow witches that are the choruses of our songs

The part we always love to sing and can’t wait to hear again

You know what I mean, you all have a witch that holds you close, and when

you need her, you just need to call

And no matter how far or the time,

Your willow witch will be with you quick,

At least that’s always been the case with mine.

The women in my life, that make our family,

Are strong and free to a tee

They cast their spells and fly their brooms,

They’ll have their way with thee!

‘But why a witch?’ you ask

‘Aren’t witches to be feared?’

Creeping, dark and dreadful

Well there’s a truth to this, to why this myth is made

But it’s their power that is full

Not to be dreaded, but honoured

They give the world it’s place

The women. The mothers.

Keepers of the human race.

Craig Andrew Browne, August 2019

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