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A moment in rhyme

I’m gonna write, standing up, with a short black in my hand,

I’ll take a sip, write a bit, no subject, unplanned.

I’m home alone again today, I like it, but not forever.

I see the photos around the wall — my family is totally clever!

I look outside to where the spinach grows, lush and green and strong,

Another sip, … mmm sweeter this time — I wish this espresso was long.

My phone is charging for the day ahead, I was up late on Adobe for work.

The birds are singing, there’s a tiny breeze, and my heart has a tiny quirk.

I think life is better when it’s captured in rhyme — it seems sweeter, more delightful, more fun.

And that’s where I’ll leave it, ‘cause there’s no more room on this page,

And the coffee and writing are done.

Craig Andrew Browne, 28 Sept 2019

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